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Tea Tasters

The Perfect Gift

Thinking of something different to gift someone - why not try our Tea Taster Gift Pack - the perfect opportunity for someone to sample 3 amazing hand crafted artisan tea blends of your choice. Perfect fro birthdays, wedding favours, Christmas - or just because..........

Our Packaging

Honest Loose Leaf Tea


All our Honest Tea Blends are packaged in eco friendly, vacuum pouches so your tea is kept extremely fresh so can enjoy that everlasting flavour which means the increase in shelf life of loose leaf tea, extended to 10 years prior to opening and a further 2 years after opening. 

Honest Tea Filters


The Honest T Filters are hassle free tea filters that provide you all the benefits of drinking lose leaf tea with the convenience of a tea bag.  Simply spoon your loose tea into the filter and pop it into your cup or teapot.The flap and slide on the t-filters means there's no need for a holder, no more loose tea leaves in the sink and when you're done, you can even compost them with your loose tea!

Honest Tea Bags


We are 100% Eco Friendly

The Honest Pyramid TeaBags 

are also packed using the same process as our loose leaf tea but as we use bio-degradable mesh, the shelf life is 4 years prior to opening and a further 2 years once opened.

Featured Products

Honest, Natural & Real Teas



HONEST TEA pride ourselves on providing hand crafted blends teas that are natural, gluten free, and vegan. Not only do we have the well known flavours that everyone loves, we also have teas that help you cleanse, detox and boost your metabolism to kick start your body to a re-energised and vibrant new you. We have amazing blends that are unique to HONEST TEA and wonderful twists on the traditional blends such as Earl Grey and English Breakfast tea that will tickle the tastebuds.



HONEST TEAS are natural, organic and real teas and are a wonderful healthy and natural way to kick start your body, combining it with your daily water intake, regular exercise and healthy eating.  Our 2 step natural program will have you enjoying our Morning Reviver Tea and Nightly Purifying Tea and is your natural 2 step detox program to a newer you. The TEATOX is NOT a diet and TEATOX is not a meal replacement and should be a compliment to your healthy eating and exercising regime.

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