The Honest Teas Guide to A Perfect Cuppa


Steeping Guide

The Honest Teas offer you the perfect steeping guide

Each and every tea is different and depending on whether it is white, green, black......oolong, pu-erh.....they all excel at different temperatures for brewing and the time taken to steep in order that you experience maximum flavour.
The danger in steeping tea for too long or with too hot of water can produce a bitter taste and ruin the tea - whilst at the same time if you steep your tea leaves too little or with water that's not hot enough then your tea can taste rather bland.
Getting it right with reward you with the perfect balance and flavour.

The Perfect Brew


We recommend that you store  your tea in airtight containers to ensure longevity. If you can keep the containers away from heat, moisture and exposure to light, that is also helpful in preserving your tea and its flavour.

Unflavoured teas  can last anything up to 18 months and your flavoured teas can last up to 6 months. Although on the whole tea doesn't usually spoil, it is still a consumable product and needs to be looked after.


It's always a good idea to start with fresh, filtered to begin brewing your tea. Low mineral bottled water or distilled water can be used if water in your area is hard. WE don't recommend reheating your water